I’m an empath, and last night I was talking with someone else who is, too.  The question came up of how to energetically/spiritually protect oneself, maintaining effective and healthy auric protection, while simultaneously being open to others and using one’s gift.

Anyone have suggestions?

Tom and I found hard surface images too blocking — we were protected, but psychic messages couldn’t get through, and we felt we were depriving ourselves of good incoming energy.

Anyone else have experience with this?

What have you tried?  What works, what didn’t?


UPDATE, October 2011:

In the ensuing years (I wrote the original part of this post 3 years ago), I discovered some great, easy, and very practical tips and tools for spiritual psychic empath protection.  They’re life changing.  When I teach them to people now, they say it’s the very first time in their entire lives that they feel safe, that they’re not swamped by other people’s “stuff”, and that they can relax even in a crowded room.  The best place to learn these tools is in my How To Be Highly Sensitive And Like It online course.  You can also contact me for Spiritual Coaching.