Are you an empath?  Are you experiencing other people’s emotions, thoughts, physical experiences and you don’t want to all the time?  Protect yourself with these two very simple techniques.

Leave a comment for us below and tell us how they’re working for you, if there’s anything else you’ve tried, and if you have any other questions.

Heather Cate, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul :: Peacock & Paisley





  1. jyoti

    could you tell me how to protect myself from psychic attacks,any mudras which might help,

    • Heather Cate

      Hakini, Pran, and Sankha are 3 good ones to start with — sealing your energy field, building your inner energy, and preventing disasters. Blessings!

  2. Heather Cate

    “Since i have been using this AMAZING mudra + visualization i have been able to control myself. I absolutely i LOVE it !”
    —OfficialCharese (on YouTube)

    I love hearing this! Have you tried this mudra? What does it do for you? Leave a comment and let us know <3

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