I live in what can best be described as a rural city in Maine.

While we have city noises such as vehicles and other people, you can hear the birds singing and icicles dripping after yesterday’s big, sloppy wet storm.

Wherever you are, you, too, can find moments of meditative bliss and connection with Nature. You do not have to say “Ommmmmmm,” although many people find that very helpful. Meditating is about connecting with your Self, your inner being and all the parts of you that may have fractured off in the course of stressful situations. Often, meditation is a good way to creatively solve problems. Okay, okay, yes, many people say you must close your eyes and let go of all thought, and that if one comes up, just let it float away.

That’s certainly one way to do it. Another is to let the thought float in, thank it for coming, and allow it to lead in the next thought, and that one the next, and so on, until you get to whatever it is your mind really needs to talk about. Sort of like having a conversation.

Another approach is just to enjoy, to revel in the beauty of what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, etc.