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When an eagle totem shows up in your life, whether on tv or in person, or in a magazine picture, a stamp, a bumper sticker, it’s a beautiful message of

the Illumination of Spirit, Healing, and Creation, of being of the Earth, but not in it, being able to feed yourself with very little time spent hunting and plenty of time spent soaring to great heights, of bonding over mating and raising young, of building a strong, sturdy, magnificent home to withstand storms, of parenting partnership.   Your place in the cosmos.

In Egyptian society, eagles symbolized the soul, the spirit, and the warmth of life.   In early Christian mysticism, the eagle was a symbol of resurrection.   Native Americans call eagles Thunderbird.   This is the great spirit who controls lightening and rain, the same as the Greeks believed of Zeus.  Eagles represent sight, perception, overview from a great height allowing a view of The Big Picture.

The Bald Eagle in America now represents recovery from poisons, from toxin, and its recovery and re-emergence from endangerment due to DDT is a shining example of what we can achieve as a people when we work diligently to take care of Mother Earth and our fellow creatures.  What poisons are you recovering from?

PS: in this hunting season, encourage any hunters you know to use non-lead bullets and shot.   The lead that kills deer and birds as bullets or shot poisons their carcasses which eagles happily eat and then end up dying from lead poisoning, a horrible torturous way to go.  Work to ban all lead-based sporting equipment such as bullets, shot, and fishing sinkers.

Some groups of Hopis consider the red-tailed hawk to be a Red Eagle.

Bald Eagles are primarily water hunters, although they also eat rodents and other small mammals.  Bald Eagles eat fish, ducks, geese.  Their hunting pattern reveals a need or ability of one with this totem to be able to “walk between the worlds” of air (thought), water (emotion, psychic), and land.


Heather Cate, spiritual coach for the creative soul

Peacock & Paisley


  1. Heather

    Tom’s recent experience with signs is a great example of how our spirit guides make use of our modern day life – bumper stickers, tattoos, t-shirt slogans, logos, everything is fair game and can be used to transmit a message to you. Keep your eyes open both for the signs and for the suggested application of the guidance. Be especially alert when you ask for guidance – expect the signs to show up very quickly.

    Tom, if you feel like sharing, it would be great to know if you had recently asked for help figuring something out, knowing what to do, etc., and how the movie answered your questions. If you don’t feel like baring your soul, though, that’s also perfectly understandable!


  2. Thomas VanHam

    I recently came across a lisc plate (Eagle Eye) twice on the same car in a matter of several hours. then the next day there was an advertisement for a new movie called EagleEye.
    I have worked with birds of prey and the Eagle and the RedTail Hawk have always been there..and are my toetmes.. I pretty much can decifer the messages…..This one baffles me
    Could you be so kind and help me with this one


    • Heather

      See the movie! That is great that you got such clear guidance. Thanks for sharing it with us; it’s a great example of how these signs come to us, and also a reassurance to others that if you have questions, it’s a great idea to talk it over with someone else who has a background in signs and spirituality, who can understand what’s going on. Sometimes the act of describing the signs helps you to understand them.

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