A recent Peacock and Paisley Blog reader has an interesting blog where she discusses her dreams and possible interpretations of them. Some intense dreams, Aice!

Our dreams are one way of internally working out problems and communicating solutions to our conscious mind that we were either too stubborn or obtuse to get while we were awake. Dreams can also be a way of receiving premonitions, or of remembering things from this life or previous lives.

Some people say that reincarnation is a real b!tch. Well, sort of. I think it depends on your perspective on it. It can be a great way to grow, to learn, to develop, to harness your energy, to make amends for past karma, to heal relationships. If you have a lot to work on, or if you have chosen to really “power pack” this lifetime in order to accomplish a lot…. whew….. It’s a lot. You chose this, to a great extent.

Dream interpretation can help you leap ahead, to come up with your personal version of E=MCsquared. Remembering your dreams is like stumbling across just the right information on the internet. It’s like a friend sending you an email with the information you need that you hadn’t told her you were looking for. It’s like synchronicity, but sometimes a little more confusing on the surface.

However, those apparently confusing dream symbols often hold the most meaning. Once you allow them to “soak in” and you process them, they can hold 3 or even 4 different layers of answers. The meaning behind dreams is so rich! One way to access this very creative marriage of your brain and soul is to write down your dreams. Make your own dream dictionary, and you’ll start to see the meaning of your dreams. There will often be a pattern that’s not obvious to anyone else, but if you look for the emotional feeling you have when you encounter those dream symbols, you’ll be able to do your own dream analysis.

There are lots of different types of dreams and lots of different theories on why we dream. What are your theories? What types of dreams do you have? Any recurrent ones? Let us know here at the Peacock and Paisley Blog in the comments section.

I’ve been so inspired by Aice’s blog, that I’m hereby offering free dream interpretations for this week. Because sometimes, a dream or series of dreams is so overwhelming or so outright weird that the answers aren’t obvious to ourselves, but can be more readily understood if someone else does a dream interpretation for you. Sometimes, you need someone with a little extra intuition and empathic ability to help you tap into the answers your soul and spiritual guides are giving you. You could call that person your dream coach.

So, get your free dream interpretation here by writing down your dream in the comments section, or if you want to keep it private, email it through our contact page.  I’ll answer as quickly as possible, and I’ll probably need to ask you a few questions in the process.


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