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owl totem  dream interpretation  Peacock & Paisley Blog  Heather Cate  spiritual coach for the creative soulDream interpretation is part art, part science.

Here is a dream dictionary where you can look up the images and symbols that appear in your dreams or in waking life as totems or symbols which bring you information and guidance. While the meaning of dreams is quite subjective, since they really are personal messages directly and uniquely designed for you, dream symbols tend to be universal in nature, crossing cultural and religious bounds.

  • Snakes: wisdom, change, power, sexuality, rebirth
  • Water: emotion, female energy, relationships, psychic
  • Car/Vehicle: your body, relationships, that which carries you from one place or state of being to another
  • Goldfinch: awakening the nature spirits, being seen and heard, balanced community life, joy, zest for life, taking no “guff”
  • Bluejay: proper use of power, bullying, accessing spiritual knowledge and employing it on earth
  • Goose: quest, independence while being important part of group, using your voice, fidelity, equal partnership in raising children, movement to places of abundance when necessary, growing out of childhood molds and into your independent adult self
  • Crow: magic, creation, watchfulness, warning, community strength and danger
  • Raccoon: dexterity, both physical and spiritual; the art of disguise and transformation; 20-week cycle; nocturnal; ferocity; self-defense; sociability; curiosity; getting into things; activating hand energy with water

Animal, bird, reptile, insect:  all animal totems tell us important information, regardless of whether they appear in dreams or in real life.  Shamans have long used their knowledge of animal behavior and symbolism to gather spiritual guidance and strength.  Click here for other animal totems discussed on Peacock & Paisley.


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