What we eat has an instantaneous effect on our bodies.

You can see the effects in your skin, and you can smell the effects, too. Odors emanate from the skin, the mouth, and, ahem, other regions.

Here’s a brief list of foods you can eat to “smell well”:

  • cinnamon helps with digestion
  • cloves helps with digestion
  • wheat grass (contains chlorophyll, which deodorizes skin from the inside out)
  • parsley (chlorophyll connection)
  • caraway
  • cardamom
  • nutmeg
  • tangerine
  • probiotic supplements (acidophilus, etc.) improve the balance of helpful bacteria in the intestines, leading to better digestion and elimination
  • yogurt containing active, live cultures of probiotics, if you’re not intolerant of dairy
  • Vitamin B3-rich foods — they help your body digest things properly, which helps you smell good

Use nutrition to feel, look and smell wonderful.