Sponge Exercise

  1. Get a sponge or cloth.  Physically feel it. 
  2. Wet it. 
  3. Squeeze it out. 
  4. Let it soak up some more water. 
  5. Wring it out. 
  6. Re-wet. 
  7. Squish it into a funny shape. 
  8. Let go of it. 
  9. Watch it expand. 
  10. Do it again, getting as much of the water out as you possibly can. 
  11. Let go of it. 
  12. Does it expand back to its normal shape as well?  What does it feel like to touch?  Does it expand better when wet? 
  13. That’s like the Spirit filling you.  Let Spirit fill you, expand you, help you to be your Mostest Self.  Expand. 
  14. Do activities that fill you. 
  15. Let me know what they are and how doing them is changing you!