Classic way to remove negative energy and entities from your self, objects, and spaces.

Caution: Burning stuff which creates smoke.


  1. Open your windows so that the negativity can leave with the smoke.
  2. Prepare your shell (abalone, sea shell, ash tray, etc.) with a thin layer of sand or salt to prevent the shell from getting scorched.
  3. Unwrap your bundle / doobie of sage.  You do not want to use the whole honker thing.  Too much smoke, waaaay too much smoke, and hazardous embers.  No Cheech&Chonging it.  Control is the name of the game.  You need to stay focused.  See video below for the wrong way to do it.
  4. Pick one small stem out of the bunch.
  5. Remove all but 2 leaves at the top of the stem.
  6. Light just the tips of those leaves in a candle flame, or using a lighter.
  7. Hold over the shell and gently blow out the flame so that you have smoke but no flame.
  8. Walk through your space carrying the smoking stem over the shell.
  9. Keep the intention of clearing out all energy which isn’t good for you.
  10. To clear your self, contain your hair (put it up in a bun, or whatever), then wave smoking stem near your body like a magic wand, clearing away all negativity, blocks, chaos.  You can put the shell on the floor and put the stem on the salt/sand so that you can wave the soles of your feet through the smoke.  Yes, be thorough.  The smoke carries ook away, so you may want to stand near an open window, or sage yourself outdoors.  Be cautious about the flooring.  Best that it is non-flammable.
  11. Be careful about flying embers.  This is why I recommend that you carry the shell under the stem.
  12. Follow up with Palo Santo, which brings in blessings.




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Do not do this:

(this is for humor only.  from the cult classic movie Up In Smoke.)