The Little SeedRemember Soleil Moon Frye? Maybe you remember Punky Brewster? Well, Punky grew up to be a kick-a$$ woman who, in addition to being a movie director and Hollywood Mogul-ess, has opened a green baby store. No, no, you can’t buy green-colored babies! But you can buy healthy products for your kids and home through her store in Los Angeles. They do have a website, but so far, no online ordering. The store is called The Little Seed, and they promote “tree hugging with style.”

Soleil’s business partner Paige Goldberg Tolmach, like many of us, went down the path of holistic health because her new son had serious allergies. After the doctors told her the only solution was to shoot up her infant with steroids, Paige researched alternatives and found that removing the toxic crib mattress, furniture, bedding, clothing and toys cleared up the allergies. She replaced them with organic and eco-friendly alternatives.

Soleil, Paige, and their other mom-partner Beth Birkett have created the Little Seed Store to gather the products they find healthily useful and make them readily available to other parents. Soleil and Paige are also board members of the Environmental Media Association.

While babies aren’t the only ones who need organic and eco-friendly clothing, bedding, furniture and rugs, it’s great that many parents today are reaching enlightenment on behalf of their own children.