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When we need that extra push, advice, clarity, support, and guidance, coaching is key.

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Remove what’s toxic, provide what’s nourishing and upbuilding.  Simple concept.  Application can be profound and suprisingly widespread.  Get support and advice.

Coaching sessions with Heather Cate are enlightening, uplifting, soothing, energizing, clearing. You’ll learn alot, be encouraged, and have the support you need.

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What They Say

“Heather Cate’s way of coaching is wonderful; the process itself is more than worth the fees. Her process is totally different than the other people I looked into working with. It’s like going to college. You learn to trust yourself, to honor and appreciate yourself and your business. It’s not just a simple, thrown-together mechanical experience, it’s a process of appreciation and discovery of yourself and your business.
I love how she works with me, encourages me, gives me ideas for my business that capitalize on my special strengths, talents, and abilities. Heather is a life coach and a business coach all rolled into one. It’s one of the things that sets Peacock & Paisley apart from other coaching firms.”
—Barbara Fraser, Fraser Creative Expression

“I had a dull steady pain in my shoulder from a repetitive-use work injury. After Heather Cate gave me Shamballa Reiki a year ago, at our last company health fair, the pain went away for 4 or 5 months, and it has been less painful thereafter. When I saw her again this year, I skipped the line for barbecue food and went straight to her — I wanted to make sure I was able to get a Reiki session with Heather!”
—Joe Keniston, Saco, Maine, Shaw’s Supermarkets warehouse employee

“Heather Cate is a great coach! … kind, gentle, commonsense encouragement …. upbeat attitude…. Now, I feel confident and productive. Heather’s Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative”
—Jessica Blucher, career coaching client

“… thank you. Your words, thoughts, and healing have touched me. And your words struck another cord. I have always had kidney problems, my entire life, and lately, have wondered how healthy I really am right now. Not to mention life’s other stresses. I have always had a strong spiritual connection to the energy in this world around us, and maybe I had lost perspective on my energy, my spirituality.
As we know death is the sign of changes, not endings. Life has been leading toward a lot of changes lately; I am not sure I was paying attention. Your words where almost a smack on the back of the head for me, a good one. Your words, so prophetic, were part of a change for me. …
Such a shock, this starts another chapter for me. Along with paying attention to general heath, I think it is time for me to start my path…., and maybe I am even one of the lucky few put here to guide others, as you have for me.
Thank you Heather.
…My comments are sincere, and if you can be so great to me in a few paragraphs on a blog, I know you will do much more for many others who can find the strength to come to you. Thank you for your kind compliments Heather, and I will keep in touch.”
—Midnight, Vibes for Rainbow post

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