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Chaste Tree Berry / Vitex Balances Female Hormones

by | Oct 10, 2007 | Alternative Medicine, Body (mudras), Holistic Healing, Medical Conditions, Nutrition, Peacock and Paisley | 2 comments

Chaste Tree Berry, otherwise known as Vitex, can be taken as a tincture to balance female hormones. It is particularly helpful during menopause, when struggling to conceive, or for irregular periods. It usually takes several months for most women to see an effect, but some respond in about 10 days. It works primarily by stimulating the pituitary to stimulate the production of progesterone.

Vitex also is known to be very helpful in cases of PMS, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Some of the symptoms it alleviates are:

  • irritability
  • headaches
  • cramping
  • breast pain

Additional help for these symptoms includes dietary changes, most notably reducing or eliminating the following foods:

  • caffeine (soda, coffee, tea, chocolate, diet pills, headache pills like Excedrin)
  • dairy (milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, cream, yogurt, sour cream, whey (found in many products, check the ingredient lists carefully and/or buy Kosher products that don’t say dairy on them.).
  • non-organic beef (too much estrogen used to promote quick growth in the cattle causes hormone imbalance in the people who eat it)

Make sure you also get good rest and regular rhythmic exercise, like walking or swimming.



  1. Heather

    Nice resource; thanks for sharing, Mercedes! How long did it take for the vitex to really “kick in” for you?

  2. mercedes

    I have been a big fan of vitex and, combined with cutting caffeine from my diet, I believe it has helped me quite a bit in the last few months. Here is very thorough rundown of the different things chaste tree may be used for.


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