Florida police are now saying that the mother of Caylee, the missing Florida girl, is a person of interest and that they suspect that Caylee is dead. They are saying that there is a strong odor of death in Caylee’s mom’s car, and a suspicious stain in her trunk that will be analyzed. Caylee’s grandmother defended her daughter, saying that there had been a box of pizza in there “for 12 days.” 12 days?! That’s an odd number, and very precise. If she knows about pizza being in her daughter’s car for 12 days, why doesn’t she know where Caylee is? And why didn’t she, the grandmother, report Caylee as missing?!

Which leads to the question of Caylee’s extended family’s involvement in her disappearance. She lived in the same home as her grandparents. All these people now apparently want her back. What were they doing during the first week of her not hanging around?

Caylee’s mother continues to maintain that she knows the person who has Caylee. Is she mentally unstable? Did she herself kill Caylee, and she can’t face it? Do the grandparents know this? Have they been covering for her? Her brother seemed rather stone-faced during interviews the other day.

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