The beautiful and mistreated daughter of Casey Anthony seems to have been found in Florida, not far from the Anthony family home.  A bag with the remains of a toddler was found in a swampy area about 5 minutes away from where Casey and Caylee lived with Cindy and George Anthony.

A utilities worker claims he had called in a sighting of a suspicious bag back in August, and that he had called about it 3 times.  Why investigators didn’t follow up on that is a good question.  You could say that it was because of the high swamp waters.  But what about a boat?  It’s too bad that it was such a long time after the bag was first sighted, since surely the remains did quite a bit of decaying and therefore evidence was lost about the nature of the child’s passing.

However, the bones have been matched to Caylee’s DNA, so at least it is known that she is dead and at least her body has been found.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Cindy and George Anthony are seeking immunity before talking any further with investigators.  Which I find especially interesting since this is coming after the discovery of Caylee’s body and after Cindy and George both reported Caylee as missing and that Casey was lying about Caylee’s whereabouts, and after George told investigators about the unmistakable smell of human death in Casey’s car’s trunk.  At the beginning, Cindy was wild about Caylee’s disappearance and accused Casey of having done something with her, and then suddenly she turned around and was totally supportive  of Casey and said she was a great mother.  The only thing that seems to have done is delay finding evidence.

The fact that Caylee was last seen on Father’s Day is rather odd, especially since Caylee’s parentage was in question at several points.  Interesting that her name contains her Uncle Lee’s name.