Warning: gruesome discussion ensues:

Caylee’s mom, Casey Anthony, was released from jail again.  The criminal profiler featured on this morning’s Today Show feels that the mother is probably guilty, and that the grandparents were either accessories or just can’t face the truth.  The profiler feels that all of the family members would fail a polygraph (lie detector) test.

Traces of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey’s car, as well as evidence that Caylee had also been in the trunk.  I think their evidence for that was her blood, which is incredibly sad.

Apparently Casey Anthony, the mother, went out partying shortly after the time Caylee initially disappeared.

Here’s my best case for this horrifying situation, and even this isn’t good.  But I’ve seen something similar happen.  Perhaps Casey drugged Caylee, meaning to knock her out for a few hours while she partied, or just because she was tired of taking care of her and wanted a break.  I know a mother who seemed to be drugging her infants whenever she was tired or didn’t want to be distracted.  The twins slept through brass bands, even with hundreds of people clapping.  It was unreal.  I think the mother relented when people at the church they attended every week kept commenting that they had never seen the girls’ eyes even after months of their attending, because they were always asleep.  Perhaps Casey overdid the dose of chloroform, and thought Caylee was dead.

According to the Today Show criminal profiler, Caylee’s body was probably burned and the remains left out in the elements.   The longer they are out there, the less evidence there is, which would be a major motivation for Casey and her family to have delayed reporting Caylee missing.

The search crews are redoubling their efforts to find Caylee or at least her body.  Most of them assume they are looking just for her remains.


Where’s the good in all this?  What positive can we take away?

Send good energy to the searchers that their spirits and energy are uplifted and renewed, that their faith in human goodness stays strong and is redoubled by their fellow searchers. and that they are led straight to Caylee as soon as possible, in whatever form she currently has on this earth.

Anybody personally involved in this case? Have any insights?  Have you been through something similar?  Let us know here at the Peacock & Paisley Blog.