Casey Anthony is in jail awaiting trial.   She is charged with intentionally murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Casey’s parents, Cindy and George Anthony, were on the Today Show this morning not discussing George’s testimony to the grand jury.   The same grand jury which then charged Casey with 1st degree murder.  Cindy Anthony still maintains that Caylee is alive and that her daughter Casey is innocent.  However, the prosecution has evidence that Caylee’s body has decomposed.  It sounds like that evidence was taken from the trunk of Casey’s car, the one which people said absolutely reeked of death.

It’s possible that George is not discussing his testimony not only because of the trial, but also because he still lives with Cindy who is steadfastly maintaining Casey’s innocence.

Is it possible for a parent to have a sort of blind, temporary insanity in regards to their child, such as it seems Cindy has?

I think we all do it to some degree with anyone we care about.  Especially if seeing something clearly means admitting to ourselves–never mind anyone else–that we have done something wrong which led to our loved one doing wrong.

It can also be very difficult to admit our own problems to ourselves if admitting them means acknowledging that a loved one has harmed us.

What to do with the anger, pain, betrayal, fear, horror, shame, years of denial, hatred, sorrow, and exhaustion?  How can we face that person and continue to have a relationship with them?  Especially if that person is a parent?  But that’s part of the process of unraveling domestic violence.  It takes courage and support, keeping oneself healthy, clearing away the wreckage and reaching firm level ground again on which to rebuild.  Like cleaning up from the aftermath of a hurricane.  Clean everything, get rid of the mold, and start fresh.

Not easy, but possible and fruitful.

You may wonder why I categorize this post as being in Social Justice — it’s because children don’t have the same rights as citizens that adults do.

When children or animals are tortured, they don’t have the right or often the ability to communicate their distress and needs effectively.  We with consciences must do so for them.  Speak up when you see something wrong!  It’s your duty as a human being. If you’re not sure what the most effective course of action is, pray.  Ask for spiritual guidance that you can recognize and understand.  And then act on it immediately.  Time is of the essence.  It only takes a moment for a disaster to occur, and it takes decades if not a lifetime to repair.  So many lives are affected, not just the one small life you may save, but everyone touched by that ripple.  Take the time, take the risk, and do what’s right.

What can you do to help the Anthony family, even from a distance?

  1. Pray, for the wellbeing of all involved, on every level.
  2. Pray for healing of all concerned
    1. Caylee Anthony
    2. the Anthony extended family
    3. those involved with looking for Caylee
    4. all researchers, investigators, law enforcement, judges, lawyers, etc.
    5. those who were brought into the circle through Casey’s lies, fraud, borrowing gas cans, shovel, etc.
    6. the media who covers this
    7. everyone who hears and reads about this
  3. Pray for swift true fair justice and protection


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