Caylee Anthony disappeared months ago, and the Florida police have now stated that her mother, Casey Anthony, is the only suspect in the case which is now considered to be not just a missing persons case, but a murder case.

Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiance, was on the Today Show this morning describing their relationship, his involvement with Caylee who is not his biological daughter, and how Casey’s personality morphed over the years they were close, how she lied to him, stole from him, and cheated on him while they were engaged.  Casey even had lied to him claiming that Caylee was his, although the “math didn’t add up.”  Grund didn’t want to waste any time with Caylee and Casey in case Caylee was his, so he was involved as a parent during and after the pregnancy, even though Casey had been cheating on him and they had broken up before she told him she was pregnant.  When a DNA test was performed, it indicated zero probability that Grund was Caylee’s father.  At the end of the interview, Grund asked Casey to tell the truth, to stop ruining other people’s lives, and to tell people what had happened to Caylee.  He also said that he wasn’t sure Casey knew her own personality, that the closer she became with her mother, Cindy, the more she changed from being a homebody post pregnancy to someone who wanted to party, which precipitated another ending in her relationship with Grund.

The name of the “babysitter” that Casey claimed she had left Caylee with in what turned out to be an empty appartment was a woman who had signed a visitor card at that apartment building when she went to view an apartment to rent.  She is not and never has been a babysitter.

The unfortunate thing in this case is that the police apparently don’t have enough information to accurately charge Casey.  Apparently, they have enough to charge her with murder, but not enough to prove her intent.  This would affect the severity of punishment.  It’s important to make only an accurate and fair arrest.  I hope that what’s happening is fair to Casey.   All this coverage and trial by media could be considered unfair, but if she really did it, it may help in getting the best information before authorities who can bring justice to Caylee.   It certainly keeps all eyes on her while she is out in public, which should curtail any further illegal actions on her part.

Some people say that Casey is a pathological liar.  Is she also a psychopath?  Current terminology is anti-social personality disorder.  If she molds her personality to fit who she’s with, this could be the case.  People who do this have trouble with integrity, trouble with relationships, and usually crack after they are with one person for a while, as Casey did with Grund.  Psychopaths mold themselves to please one person or group at a time, and can be exceptionally good at it, but in the process don’t meet their own personal needs.  They crack, break out of the mold, and become very different with other people.  They often don’t want their different worlds or groups of friends to intermingle, because who they are with one group clashes with other groups, and everybody from all the groups will be upset with them.  The odd thing is that they may very much value all of these relationships and may be highly motivated to keep them separate in order to keep them.  In order to do this, they employ extraordinary lying and acting skills.

UPDATE:  Casey was officially made the suspect after Florida police received information from the FBI that a dead body had been in Casey’s trunk.


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