Brisket (Grass-Fed) with Herbs and Wine

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Brisket with herbs, wine, lemon zest, garlic.

Get the “point” cut for better flavor and more fat — yes, the fat is GOOD for you, as well as being yummy. Fold the thinner sections in under the thicker, keeping the fat on the top. Place into crockpot or dutch oven (big pot with a cover which can go in the oven).

This is a cooking technique called “Braising” which means slow cooking the meat in some liquid, about two inches of liquids. You can use broth or wine or water.

In oven at 275F. About 7 hours.

In crockpot on Low. Possibly 12 hours.

Can be adapted to osso buco/cross-cut shanks or short ribs. You can take the meat straight from the freezer and put it directly into the crockpot. Not necessary to brown the pieces.


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