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Breast Feed Your Way to Health

One of my favorite funny bloggers is TheJenn who writes TheLactivist. She supports nursing moms and breastfeeding through humor, education, and a little bit of irreverence. She raises money for breastfeeding advocacy and emergency breast milk banks, like a blood bank.

Check out some of her t-shirt designs:

Baby's Lunch You're Staring At


I Share!

Why should you care? Well, drinking mother’s milk helps a baby to develop a fully-functional immune system. Drinking non-organic cow’s milk means that a baby ingests hormones and antibiotics which wreak havoc with development and immunity. A growing number of children are developing secondary-sex characteristics (breasts, pubic hair, etc.) before the age of 9, some even as young as 4. Give kids a chance to be children! Also, cow’s milk is designed to fatten, and we don’t need to plump up our kids. Obesity is on the rise, but we can help to prevent it by feeding our children healthily from the start.

Breastfeeding is said to help reduce a mother’s chances at breast cancer. And it sure is handy! You don’t have to carry an extra bag with bottles, or try to find safe water to mix into formula, and breast milk comes pre-warmed, so no worries about finding a stove or microwave.

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