Bluejay Animal Totem / Dream Interpretation:

Whether you are doing dream interpretation or interpreting the arrival of a living symbol, often called an animal totem, here’s a quick list of the meaning of a bluejay:

  • The Proper Use of Power – sometimes considered a bully, the blue jay is strong, powerful, persistent, a devoted and industrious parent.  Use your power well, and don’t allow others to misuse their power against you.
  • Link between Heaven and Earth – spiritual and practical energies/power.  Use the higher knowledge that you get from the spiritual realms to make good things happen for you here on earth.
  • Don’t be scattered; be focused and applied.
  • Resourcefulness and adaptability, regardless of the season.
  • Being fearless.
  • Excellent mimic – be sure you do this in a way that harms none.
  • Develop the innate royalty that is within you – don’t be a poser, be the real thing.

In the shamanic tradition, a totem shows up to tell you something, to help you learn a lesson, to grow, to warn you, to guide you through a tricky time, to give you encouragement and strength, to protect you.

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Book Suggestion:  Animal Speak

It’s even available in Kindle format, which makes it a handy reference on your phone!