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Two years ago, I accidentally embarked on an amazing journey in health. It's been challenging, rewarding, and amazing, and people have been asking me since I started to share the details with them.  While it was working really well for me and others that I knew, I...

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

I was asked an interesting question yesterday, especially since someone I know died on Friday, and a family friend also died last week... "How do you want to be remembered?" Something I'd never really thought about. I couldn't quite formulate it for myself yet. What...

Overnight French Toast Casserole Recipe

Oh boy is this french toast delicious!  Yum!!!  And easy.  A great meal to pre-fix for a holiday gathering like Christmas or Easter or a brunch with friends. Although it says it's an "overnight" recipe, I actually made it the same morning by soaking the slices of...

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