Beef Soup is such an easy off-shoot of leftovers from Osso Bucco or Short Ribs.  The amazing bone broth and fat are both delicious and extremely nutritious.

Start by sauteeing onions until golden or caramelized, depending on your flavor preferences.  Caramelized onions are sweeter.  Use rendered grass-fed beef fat from the leftovers, or sautee/render some suet.  Put it into a pre-heated dutch oven on the stovetop on medium-low heat.  Add chopped onions and salt.  Around the time the onions turn translucent, add dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage (in moderation, a pinch is quite enough), oregano, basil, marjoram.  Always use organic herbs and spices.  As the onions near desired doneness, add minced or crushed garlic if you like, before the onions are completely cooked.   Stir frequently, and cook just until the garlic turns golden.  Remove onions, etc. from pan, keeping as much fat in the pan as possible, and set aside in a bowl.  Leeks are also delicious in this soup.  Depending on the size of your pot and the amount of onions, you may want to sautee the leeks after the onions.  Remove to same bowl.  Add sliced carrots, and possibly sliced celery to the pot.  Sautee until you see signs of caramelization with the carrots. Return everything to the pot: beef, broth/gelatin, onions, etc.  Add whole or freshly-cracked black pepper, and possibly more salt.  Bring to a simmer until all flavors marry.  You may want to add a dash of organic apple cider vinegar, such as Dr. Bragg’s, or a dash of organic red wine.

I really enjoy baked sweet potato fries with this, and possibly a side salad.

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