Beavers symbolize family, mating for life, snug home, being able to navigate emotions and being able to manipulate this dimension well, creating abundance in your life by controlling the flow of abundance and emotions.  As Ted Andrews says in Animal Speak, beaver is about the “building of dreams.”  We have to act on our dreams to make them come true.  Beavers are master manifesters.

Beavers have thick fur, webbed feet, steer with tail/rudder, live in water, control it by building, and eat leaves and tree bark.

Bear is a great enemy.  But walls of lodge are so thick that bears don’t bother to break through.

Beavers construct their lodges and dams with trees and saplings that they cut down with their big front teeth and with mud.

If beaver has shown up in your life, make sure to take good care of your teeth.  If a beaver loses one, it usually dies.

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