Principles have no real force except when one is well fed.

~Mark Twain, in The Diaries of Adam and Eve, around the time when Adam ate the apple, because war had broken out amongst the animals, he couldn’t get to food, and Eve so conveniently showed up with the fruit.

Exceptionally true!

When people and animals are hungry, they will instinctively do what they must to feed themselves, even if it means going against their own morals, ethics, or laws. Usually. There are an elite few who can starve to death but feed children. For instance, people who enable children in concentration camps to survive, even at their own sacrifice.

When people don’t receive enough kindness, it’s like a kind of starvation, and they will subconsciously or even consciously “steal” energy from others. Often times it’s by being mean, causing someone else pain, and they feed off that energy. Know a bully? Lack of positive energy is probably the cause. Feeling insecure, not having enough Love resources…..

There is a lovely old Women’s Labor Movement song called “Bread and Roses,” which basically said we need more than just bread, we need beauty, peace, and love, all of which really take more money. Don’t starve us from these things that our souls need. We’re fighting for a bigger piece of the pie.

As the Celestine Prophecy discusses, people need energy. When you encounter a conflict with someone, try to find what it is that they really, underneath it all, need. If that’s something you can help them with, address that need. You don’t have to tell them, or explain it, but it can help. Once they have enough energy, they may stop. It can also help to simply send good energy to them. They are welcome to accept or not, but it is available. If you like to visualize, try sending pink energy, or whatever positive color comes to mind. I’ve heard of one woman who sent pink energy out of her hands towards her boss whenever he became negative towards her. She said that it had a remarkable effect which her coworkers noticed. It’s a type of metaphysics and alternative medicine – spiritual medicine. It’s also a form of self-protection: deflecting and transmuting a spiritual blow the way martial artists do with physical blows.