Hey Everyone, today is a day of massive astrological influence.  There’s an eclipse, the third in a series, and it will either give you a turbo boost or a kick in the pants.

If you’re all set up, have your ducks in a row, have been working on yourself, your wants, desires, goals, and getting inwardly and outwardly aligned in and with all of that, you’ll get a turbo boost.  If there’s stuff you still need to work on, this eclipse will whomp you.

A biggie area for a lot of people has been and is relationships.

You’ve probably been seeing some truths about people whether you wanted to or not, and you may very well be drastically changing your relationship with them.  Like, as in, ending things and working out the details of such, both practical and emotional.  If you had already ended a relationship in recent-ish history, you may have been recently reminded of why and reassured that it was the right thing.

Be courageous and let go of anything that is holding you back from being your best self, including any subdued feelings of self-worth.  You are worthy!

Be gentle and kind with yourself.  Get good sleep, take naps, eat well.  Avoid burying your feelings with drugs, alcohol, video games, etc.  Just let them come up, and let them go.  Ride this out.  The intensity and challenges won’t remain forever.  They are here to facilitate our growth and development, to help us wrap up many many lifetimes of shtuff we’ve been working on.  Once you do, the ride will be easier.

Ask your spiritual helpers for, drum roll, you guessed it, help!

That’s what they’re here for, but they have to have a request from us in order to do so.  Different options may come up, things you haven’t done before.  This time, consider a new route.  To paraphrase Mark Twain:

Doing things the same way all the time and expecting a different result is crazy.

Change it up!

Look for the new and step into it.  Allow yourself to change, to grow, to morph.  Ask your guidance to help you shift into a new and even better you, and be open to the good that comes with change.

Be gentle with others today

Everyone’s having the same intensive shifting, pulling, opening, mind-boggling stuff.  They may be distracted, not drive well, have trouble communicating, be touchy, emotional, snappy, etc.  So just drive carefully, give people a little extra space, and know that we’re all on this journey together.

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PS: if you want some help, that’s what I’m here for