Formerly the prophet Elijah, Sandalphon is one of only two humans known to ascend to archangel status.  He works with Archangel Gabrielle to help writers and musicians, especially those with a spiritual and healing focus, and works with Raphael to help healers heal.  Angel Sandalphon assists in many areas, multitasking, when asked.  He also calms aggression and helps deliver our prayers to the Creator.  According to accounts by Moses, Sandalphon is the tallest angel, reaching to infinity and beyond, taller than anything we can imagine, reaching as far down as can be, an amazing pillar of light connecting all dimensions and worlds and facilitating our connection with the Divine.

Archangel Sandalphon’s incarnated life gives him a deep sense of compassion for the trials and tribulations of the human experience.  He is a great spiritual therapist that can truly help you to understand the basics of how things work on Planet Earth.

If you need help with prayer, ask Archangel Sandalphon to guide you and facilitate the transmission of your prayers and your reception of answers.

Sandalphon is a ruling angel and protector of Earth.  He is a partner/co-worker with Metatron.

Aura Color: Turquoise