Ok, Ok, Ok. Sometimes being an instrument of Spirit is slightly inconvenient.

Or, rather, we think we’re supposed to be doing one thing and Spirit says, “Hey!  You!  Yes, you!  You’re supposed to be doing this other thing right now.  Maybe you forgot, or didn’t get my memos, but switch over now.” It seems highly inconvenient to switch gears, but from both rotten experience (car accident) and miraculously wonderful experience (amazing faith-building synchronicities), I’ve learned to pay attention and act before Spirit has to take drastic action to get me to do so.

For instance, right now, the reason I’m writing this exact post at this exact minute is that an ant walked across my computer screen. I’d noticed some ants around in the last week or so, and figured, ah, I should do a post on ant totems and symbolism.

What does it mean when an ant shows up in your life?

Ants have great symbolism, and I thought I knew what it meant for me, so I wasn’t too concerned.  I figured I’ll get to writing the post when I get to it.  Well, I know a sign when it walks across my screen, and apparently somebody out there needs to hear about ants.  Now.

And to tell you the truth, I just got some guidance that I needed, too.  It’s about a task, a new direction I’d set for myself, that has me feeling both overwhelmed and scared and thrilled and amazed with the wonderful potential of it all.  But I don’t see the big picture of it, and being a recovering control freak, this scares me.  I know Spirit is guiding me.  In general.  And very specifically with this project.  I personally have cogitated on it for a year.  And last week, I took my very first baby steps on it.  And got squashed.  Well, one leg got crushed.  Metaphorically — luckily for me, it was just some bad luck with my beloved but almost antique car.  But I was so nervous about going and doing and how to explain this to people in my life and to the new people I’m trying to connect with and help……  In some ways, the two groups are adamantly opposed to each other.  Maybe like warring ant tribes.  “This is our territory, you must get out!”  All the ants with all their different jobs, from scouts to warriors, to baby makers, lining up, taking a stand, maybe moving the line and taking ground, maybe losing ground, maybe staying put.


ants take action, constantly.

Sometimes I’m very in my head.  Maybe too much.

Even if someone drops a bucket on an ant, if it’s at all able to move, it will.  It will find a way to complete its mission,

or tell its comrades everything it knows and they go on and take over from there.  Somebody will carry him/her back, dead or alive.  Just like the Marines.

Ants move mountains.

ant totem ant symbolism meaning of ant

an ant city being archeologically uncovered

They can carry 6 times their own weight.  They may move the mountain bit by bit, but they sure as heck move it.  They move it using the utmost

of their strength, and the move the mountain by working as a team.

They create complex cities, with different areas, chambers, roadways for different activities.

They have compost rooms, keep herds of other bugs which work for them, use antibiotic and fungicide, moderate the temperature in their cities, vote using pheromones, etc., etc.  They accomplish amazing feats which we can’t see entirely from where we stand, but which work together in miraculous and tangible ways.

Watch this video for some great insight:

I’m amazed at the ingenuity, drive, and collective power of ants.

It makes me sad to watch this video, though; I wish we humans could explore others without being so destructive — perhaps this could have been accomplished with thermography and ultrasound or something, although those are both probably damaging, too, but at least we wouldn’t have destroyed an entire ant Chicago.

Working together as an army of peace, we can accomplish it.  Each person does their dangnammitness, and everyone works in concert with Spirit conducting.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews says that ants symbolize “industriousness, order, and discipline,” that the queen ant pulls off her wings and spends her 12 year life producing babies, that the worker ants are sterile females, and that winged males fertilize the queen for life.  Twelve may be an important number for those with ant totems — days, weeks, months, years, a cycle of industriousness and building towards your goals.  The worker ants, which remember, are female, are the skilled architects.

“The ant is the teacher of how to build, how to become the architect of your own life.  It can show you how to construct your dreams in to a reality.  It will show you that the greatest success occurs with persistence. …  Ant can show you how to harness your own power to design and recreate your life and its circumstances from the ground up, … to work with others for the good of everyone.  Ant teaches us that  regardless of circumstances, if the effort is true, the rewards will follow — in the most beneficial time and manner.  Ant is the promise of success through effort.”

And, I might add, ingenuity.

What’s the point of my personal story?  Even though I can’t see every move I need to make in advance, I have confidence that there is an organized, Spirit-guided architectural plan to this, with room for flexibility, spontaneity, and creativity, and that it’s not only safe for me to keep moving forward, it’s imperative.  Somebody will come along to help me limp forward until I can get my car fixed, and in the meantime, I’m going to work work work right where I am.

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