I had a miracle today ~ one of those gentle, surprising, powerful joys that answers your innermost request in a most unexpected way ~ I landed a boatload of fun free books at the library!

I had wanted to go in and get something that would tide me over until November, when the new Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum book comes out. I figured one or two books borrowed and then returned in a few weeks, but inwardly yearned for enough to get me through several months. Our library is small and frequently culls the collection, putting “done” books in a basket by the door, free for the taking. I sat down and pawed through, finding one cool thing here, another there, and then realizing that there were a passel of Lillian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who... series! Woohoo! So I grabbed those, a romance novel or 2 (since I’m confessing anyways…), a couple of marketing books, and off I went with a stack 🙂 Oh happy day!

What kinds of every-day miracles have you had lately?  And keep in mind that they may be sneaking in as “just one of those things”….

Like this post and tell us! If you can’t think of any, a great exercise is to sit down every day and write down 5 things you’re grateful for, and also keep a separate list of things you want. Watch what happens, and check your request list to see if you got something like what you asked for, but perhaps in a slightly different form ♥

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