Aaaaaahhhhh!! Prince! Is He Back?

by | Jul 9, 2009 | Art, Coaching, Peacock and Paisley, People | 0 comments

This video from Ellen’s tv show is Prince playing Crimson and Clover.  Love the song anyway, but it also looks like Prince may be going back to his excellent 80s style of music.  Thank God.  I loooooovvved Prince in his Purple Rain era.  I saw him in concert later, though, probably during the “Symbol” era, and he, well, sucked.  I think he’s a fabulous musician and an intense personality.  I’m fascinated with how people morph, crash, burn, and re-birth themselves.  It holds info for all of us.  How do you recover from a really bad screw-up?  What was your worst crash-and-burn?  As you look back now, what did you do the best in terms of handling some tricky situations?


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