1. yoga
  2. meditation
  3. exercise
  4. good sleep
  5. healthy food
  6. chamomile tea in an emergency
  7. Reiki
  8. bonding with pets
  9. funny movies and tv shows (laughing boosts the immune system and sends great happy hormones throughout your brain and body)
  10. sunlight
  11. gardening
  12. deep breathing
  13. clean your home, your car, your work area
  14. throw out things you no longer want
  15. set limits with people or situations that stress you out
  16. eat some (not a lot) dark chocolate (it’s very grounding)
  17. eat some (not a lot) organic ice cream (dairy is calming)
  18. sit near a body of water and enjoy its beauty – pond, lake, river, stream, ocean
  19. sniff lavender – flowers, dried potpourri, essential oil – very calming and clearing
  20. playing with happy children – their exuberance is contagiousHappy Boy
  21. maintain good posture
  22. Qi Gong
  23. a restful nap
  24. sing
  25. dance
  26. talk with good, understanding friends
  27. get hugs
  28. visualize feeling great
  29. get a massage
  30. talk with a trusted counselor/advisor, like one you can find at Peacock&Paisley.com