1. Positive Thinking. Meditation helps. Can’t stay still that long? See #3 and do yoga or rhythmic exercise like walking, running, or swimming.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Exercise. Anything that’s fun, soothing, or at least gets your pent-up energy out.
  4. Healthy Food. Beautiful colors and organic.
  5. Limited intake of unhealthy things: medicines, recreational drug & alcohol use, unhealthy foods, negative ideas (movies, tv, acquaintances). If you’re really into that stuff, ask yourself what you’re angry about or who you’re angry with.
  6. Do good for the world. Whether you donate money judiciously, give of your time and talents to charities and your neighbors, or help your co-workers with issues, do a little something every day to make the world a better place. Your spiritual self will give your worldly self a pat on the back.
  7. Speak Kindly. What at a passing, casual glance may seem minute can mean the world to someone. Be kind to animals, too, while you’re at it. They always more than return the favor.
  8. Learn something new, at least once a year. Try to learn at least a tidbit of something new every day, but try a totally new activity at least once a year. Your brain will create new paths in order to process the information and physical activities, and this is very good for brain health. Helps to dispell/prevent Alzheimer’s, which is, to say the least, a sucky disease. Doing something new and fun, even — and maybe especially — if it pushes your comfort zone, is good for your spirit.
  9. Honesty. You’ll be surprised how it changes things. Being your authentic self really is good enough. You might find that you feel hurt by the way some people respond, but you’ll be alot less angry. Remember that their responses are about them; yours are about you.
  10. Good Friends. They see the best in you and love you for it; they see the worst in you and love you anyways. They honor your honesty and integrity. Don’t settle for anything less.
  11. Just For A Bonus: Spend Time With People Older and Younger Than You. Joy, liberation, wisdom, clarity, vitality, freshness, perspective are things you’ll find with them.
  12. Enjoy the Outdoors.

Be good to yourself!