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Get the coaching and new approaches to life and health that you need, from the inside out, to be healthy and happy.


Clients Say

“Heather Cate’s way of coaching is wonderful; the process itself is more than worth the fees. Her process is totally different than the other people I looked into working with. It’s like going to college. You learn to trust yourself, to honor and appreciate yourself and your business. It’s not just a simple, thrown-together mechanical experience, it’s a process of appreciation and discovery of yourself and your business.

I love how she works with me, encourages me, gives me ideas for my business that capitalize on my special strengths, talents, and abilities. Heather is a life coach and a business coach all rolled into one. It’s one of the things that sets Peacock & Paisley apart from other coaching firms.”

—Barbara Fraser, Fraser Creative Expression

“I had a dull steady pain in my shoulder from a repetitive-use work injury. After Heather Cate gave me Shamballa Reiki a year ago, at our last company health fair, the pain went away for 4 or 5 months, and it has been less painful thereafter. When I saw her again this year, I skipped the line for barbecue food and went straight to her — I wanted to make sure I was able to get a Reiki session with Heather!”

—Joe Keniston, Saco, Maine, Shaw’s Supermarkets warehouse employee

“Heather Cate is a great coach! … kind, gentle, commonsense encouragement …. upbeat attitude…. Now, I feel confident and productive.

Heather’s Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative”

—Jessica Blucher, coaching client

“… thank you. Your words, thoughts, and healing have touched me.”

—Midnight, Vibes for Rainbow post


“Heather is wonderful! I love how she tells it like it is!”


lighter, empowered

“Thanks, Heather! I feel lighter and ready to take the next step on my path.”

~Gannon Wilson Carr

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