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With Heather Cate

Reiki Master / Healer / Teacher
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert
I help women heal their spirit after narcissistic abuse
through energy healing, spiritual clearing, hormonal rebalancing

Heather is a fantastic coach and healer!

“She is knowledgeable in several healing modalities. Heather is very supportive and offers a safe environment physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can view her online content to sample for yourself her open and welcoming approach to healing! She has helped me heal in different ways over the many years I’ve known her.”

— Caryn Daly


been there, healed that

“I love this.  You speak my language!  I’m so glad I’m taking your course!”

“Heather Cate’s way of coaching is wonderful; the process itself is more than worth the fees. Her process is totally different than the other people I looked into working with. It’s like going to college. You learn to trust yourself, to honor and appreciate yourself and your business. It’s not just a simple, thrown-together mechanical experience, it’s a process of appreciation and discovery of yourself and your business.

I love how she works with me, encourages me, gives me ideas for my business that capitalize on my special strengths, talents, and abilities. Heather is a life coach and a business coach all rolled into one. It’s one of the things that sets Peacock & Paisley apart from other coaching firms.”

—Barbara Fraser, Fraser Creative Expression

pain relief

“I had a dull steady pain in my shoulder from a repetitive-use work injury. After Heather Cate gave me Shamballa Reiki a year ago, at our last company health fair, the pain went away for 4 or 5 months, and it has been less painful thereafter. When I saw her again this year, I skipped the line for barbecue food and went straight to her — I wanted to make sure I was able to get a Reiki session with Heather!”

—Joe Keniston, Saco, Maine, Shaw’s Supermarkets warehouse employee

kind, gentle, encouraging

“Heather Cate is a great coach! … kind, gentle, commonsense encouragement …. upbeat attitude…. Now, I feel confident and productive.

Heather’s Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative”

—Jessica Blucher, coaching client


“… thank you. Your words, thoughts, and healing have touched me.”

—Midnight, Vibes for Rainbow post


“Heather is wonderful! I love how she tells it like it is!”


lighter, empowered

“Thanks, Heather! I feel lighter and ready to take the next step on my path.”

~Gannon Wilson Carr

She gets me thinking

“Heather has the insidious ability (oh, she’s goooood) to get my brain thinking about emotions I was somewhat ‘in control of.'”
::Brenda Hersey

fun & enlightening

“Heather Cate’s readings are fun and enlightening!”

:: Patience, Farmington, NH

talented, gifted

“Heather Cate is an absolutely talented, gifted psychic with an amazing energy.”

::Angela, Newmarket, NH

business coaching

“Heather Cate’s way of business coaching is wonderful; the process itself is more than worth the fees.”

:: Barbara Fraser, Fraser Creative Expression

warm, glowing healing

“This was my first energy healing experience and I felt relaxed, warm and glowing with energy! Thank you so much for your healing hands.”

::Jennifer, Shaw’s Supermarkets

very grounding

“Heather’s touch is very grounding. She was able to open up my upper back to loosen my arms and neck. With a nice warm “buzz” I felt energized and calm after my Reiki treatment.”

::Kerry Maguire

soothing & relaxing

“I would recommend Heather to do Reiki with anyone experiencing stress or pain. I enjoyed feeling relaxed and allowing the warmth and heat to penetrate as Heather spent time with me. It was soothing and overall relaxing.”

::Melissa Piper, Shaw’s Supermarkets

awesome to work with

“Hi Heather, I am extending my sincerest appreciation for your effort and time while participating in our annual health fair. You were a huge success …. you were awesome to have here, and I really enjoyed working with you…. Take care and thank you!”

::Judy Roenisch, RN, Shaw’s Supermarkets

healing that works

I have two clients booked for today! And two more already booked for the next couple of days!!!! THANK YOU HEATHER! Your healing really worked!!!! BLESS YOU!!!!

:: Kathryn

healed painful "garden elbow"

The Reiki felt warm, comfortable, and relaxing, which surprised me. There was no pressure. A little while after the treatment, my elbow felt quite cool in one spot. It was very interesting. Thank you! It’s hard to describe, but it felt very good, and it healed the painful “garden elbow” I’d had for months and which I’d been dreading would interfere with me playing tennis.

::Jan Schnarr, first-time Shamballa Reiki client

feels great later

“It felt like warm, soothing, healing sunshine on my back. It felt great even when Heather had stopped doing the Reiki.”



“After my very first Reiki treatment ever, I spent 7 hours gardening: pulling weeds, cutting back plants, transplanting — it was heavy work. Not too surprisingly, my elbow hurt again, but after another session with Heather, it hasn’t hurt at all, which is a miracle.”

::Jan Schnarr

I feel lighter!

“I really feel lighter. Thanks, Heather!”

::BD, spiritual healing and Reiki client

uncanny ability

“Heather has an uncanny ability to sense my needs. She found a visualization image that fits me like a glove. I always feel better after talking to her. Thanks, Heather!”


accomplished a cherished and life-changing goal

Because of Heather Cate’s excellent and compassionate coaching, I have accomplished a cherished and life-changing goal.

It was something I had always wanted, but hadn’t had the courage to attempt. After losing my job, I called Heather for help. Where I saw disaster, she saw a bright new opening. Through her wisdom, insight, encouragement, and support, I went for the gold and got it!!! I am so thrilled, I can’t stop smiling! The future for my daughters, my wife, and me is brilliant. Finally, I am pursuing my dream career which promises more money, more freedom, and wonderful family involvement. No more working the late shift — I actually get to spend time awake with my family, and my wife will be able to work in the new business, too. I’m continuing to work with Heather as I map out the next steps and move forward with new-found confidence.


body-mind connection

…Years ago I was complaining that I’d developed allergies, and Heather said, “When you think of your allergies, who comes into your mind?” I thought of X, and as soon as I identified that, the allergies went away.

I’ve been thinking about that for years, and it’s one of the things that told me to start paying attention to my body as an indicator of where my emotional pain was.

–Magda, NYC

joyful gratitude for Heather's guidance!

I am a mature, college-educated professional woman living on the central Florida coast. Recently I felt “blocked”, stymied in my personal and professional life. I had a feeling of fear that was based on financial worries as so many do during this difficult time in our country. I had met Heather in her role as a marketing consultant and knew that she also had a spiritual healing practice. I turned to her for guidance and she spent a considerable amount of time with me helping me through prayer, guided visualization and self-reflection to let go of my fears and open up to the blessings the Universe had ready to offer me.

I would first of all commend Heather for being a tuned in, active listener. She really understood me and that helped immensely. Also, she did not tell me what to think or feel – instead she helped me to find my own truth and to heal it. Afterwards, blessings quickly flooded my life and I feel joyful gratitude for Heather’s guidance! Thank you Heather!

–Kathryn, Florida

you are a goddess, thanks for the advice!

Heather, you are a goddess, thanks for the advice! ….You are right. I’ll look into it. Thanks for your support.

Janis, Bay Area, California

direction and guidance

It was great sitting with Heather. My session was helpful in exploring my day to day dealings with life. I am grateful for the information she channeled from the Universe for me, as I was seeking direction and guidance. She is wonderful and I can’t wait to have another session.

:: Tiffani

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