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Ahhh!  Bookgroup!

Ahhh! Bookgroup!

Just got back from a lovely evening with my bookgroup.

It’s a wonderful group of women I am blessed to be friends with!  We eat, we drink a little wine (one time it was homemade cranberry cordial!  mmmm! see the recipe below), we talk about the book a teeny bit, and we talk about life.

And that’s the best part: talking with wonderful, wise, kind, feisty, spiritual women of the world with some Continue Reading

Manage ADHD And ADD Naturally With The Tools In This Handbook

Manage ADHD And ADD Naturally With The Tools In This Handbook

Nip ADHD/ADD In The Bud In 10 Minutes Using a Holistic Natural ADHD Fix! 10 Minutes?! How can I manage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder without drugs in 10 minutes? My doctors have been working on it for 10 years and they still don’t have it right! And I hate the medicine I’ve been taking —… Continue Reading

Lovely.  Ticks.  Lyme?

Lovely. Ticks. Lyme?

Here in Maine, the tick season is well upon us. Ok, technically, it can be year-round, but we don’t actually see ticks in the winter on ourselves or our pets.  I’ve seen them in recently-abandoned moose beds, but that’s it. So, it’s time to know your lyme tick from your joe schmoe tick. Unhhunh, again… Continue Reading

Marriage? The Word Means Something

Social justice is an important principle to me. Equality for one group means equality for all groups. And maybe, hopefully, women will eventually have equal rights. As part of that fight, of that progress, I present to you a thought-provoking ditty regarding the right to marriage: Peacock & Paisley Continue Reading

Great Holistic Brain Health Site – Amen Clinics

The Amen Clinics provide very interesting holistic approaches to brain and whole body health.   You may have seen their founder on PBS. They do extremely cool brain scans that show you in 3D what your brain is doing, where it literally has holes (if it is not healthy) and how it’s operating.   And… Continue Reading

We All Need Somebody

Check out this great video of musicians from around the world performing that great standard “Stand By Me”. Totally inspiring and uplifting. Who are you standing by?  Who’s standing by you? What have you done for someone lately that you are proud of?  What has someone done for you that made you speechless with gratitude?… Continue Reading

Fingernails Mean Protection

Finger and toe nails represent protection.  Say “I reach out safely.”  Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life If your fingernails are brittle, breaking, cracking, or wimpy weak, there may also be a nutritional deficiency going on.  Try eating more raw fruits and vegetables and cutting back on gluten-containing products, especially anything with wheat,… Continue Reading

My Favorite Holiday Songs

I started off life as a Christian and have taken a long, wide spiral back around and upwards.  I understand Christianity from a more metaphysical viewpoint, and I find it richer and far more miraculous than I did before.  I treasure my new “pagan” traditions and understandings, and they all fit beautifully together for me. … Continue Reading

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Detox Tips

Detox Tips

A Facebook friend recently asked people about their experiences with and advice on detoxing.  Here’s my answer. My advice is to start reeallllllllyyyyy slow and with tiny amounts of whatever you use to assist you.  I’ve been using FlorEssence (which is an essiac) for years now, with small breaks in between, sometimes months, but usually… Continue Reading

Don’t Use The Rearview Mirror, Unless You Really Want To

Don’t Use The Rearview Mirror, Unless You Really Want To

You can’t drive forward by looking in the rear-view mirror. Unless you’re really talented, but still, you’ll get further faster if you just go straight ahead 🙂 Yes, maybe you’re escaping a terrible storm that wreaked havoc with your life, and you’re still breathing hard.  Maybe you’re still drenched from the downpour.  But stay focused… Continue Reading

Be Relentlessly Positive

Be Relentlessly Positive

Be relentlessly positive; it’s amazing where you can get! Let everything else around you blur as you race past it.  Stay focused on your goal and let your body, spirit, and mind flow in the most amazing harmonic symphony, hurdling over obstacles, blasting through barriers, and arriving at your destination exhilarated 😀 Want some help… Continue Reading

Think With Your Own Eyes – Spiritual Survival Tactics

Think With Your Own Eyes – Spiritual Survival Tactics

To survive Life and to Live Well, it’s imperative that you look at everything clearly, with your own eyes, and process it with your own brain, and be open to your own Spirit’s guidance. Whether you’re in the military and stationed in a highly dangerous place, working in an urban jungle, in an unhealthy relationship,… Continue Reading

Herbs to Boost Intuition

Herbs to Boost Intuition

Bay Leaf — Increases intuition.  Carry the leaf(s) with you.  Smell them, touch them, meditate into them.  Tuck them under your mattress, in your bag, in corners of your home, wherever you can fit them in, including bouquets and wreaths.  Help with getting a promotion or job. Bergamot — Protection and prosperity.  Brings luck through… Continue Reading

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

I was asked an interesting question yesterday, especially since someone I know died on Friday, and a family friend also died last week… “How do you want to be remembered?” Something I’d never really thought about. I couldn’t quite formulate it for myself yet. What about you? What are your thoughts? I’m working on this. … Continue Reading